Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Walk to Remember

One of the greatest extraordinary novel of Nicholas Spark that inspired and hearten many to believe in miracles and to uphold the beauty of innocent love. A sweet tale of young but everlasting love...a story that tells the life of Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan, two teenagers in a small southern town who eventually fall in love till death do them part.
"A Walk to Remember", the novel which made me cry and renew my faith. I kept crying for hours, don't why, I can't comprehend the reasons for my tears, I can't deduce the sanity beyond my behavior, I was completely transformed emotionally and spiritually by the story. Laugh if you want to but it was for real, the feelings were true, i am smitted by the novel. The novel squeezes your heart and makes you believe that in this crazy world, one can find her true love and make it last a life time.
"I pray someday, I'll get to experience a journey in life like this, that I'll be able to walk down the aisle, love and be loved unconditionally, and be able to say that I had A WALK TO REMEMBER!"

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