Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pondering my Faith (",)

It's Holy Week Celebration once again, a time for reflection, a time to repent. Jesus, our Savior died on the cross to save human kind from abomination. He suffered mercilessly and cruelly merely to shield us from hell. Our lives exist because of him. We owe our God all that we have and all that we are. And I'm so conscience-stricken for the reason that I have been a froward, naughty, false-hearted, bitchy advocate of my God.
It's a "Holy" Week but I've been so bad. I made mistakes. I coveted. I scandalized. I lived in sin and haven't lamented on my wrong doings. For the whole week, I was so preoccupied with my work, so jaded with all the adversities in my life that I lose sight of the essence of celebrating the holy week. Willfully, I skip the way of the cross and the Easter mass called "sugat". Despite this, I think in my heart, I will always uphold my faith in my God no matter what I do or failed to do.
It's been a hell of a week in my life and all I've tried to do is survive though I failed to commemorate the life my God had given me. I heartily ask him for forgiveness for all the pain I've caused him, for all the negligence I've made. I know he hears me and comforts me all throughout my agony, I hope he do forgives me.
I thank my God for the life he has given me. I thank him for saving me from hell. I thank him for being my savior, my strength, my guide and my angel. Thank you Lord, thank you! I know I'm a failure, I can't do the things you have done, I can't be a savior to anyone but I hope someday, I can make someones life better.

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