Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Ghost Whisperer"

"The dead are talking...and she is listening."
I miss Ghost Whisperer...I'm so engrossed with this series.
Ghost Whisperer, a tv series drama that depicts the life of a young woman who has the ability to see and communicate the dead, allowing her to help them crossover into the light. Ghost Whisperer arrays the other side of life, it tells us that people may die but they continue to be with us until we learn to let go, to forgive and be forgiven. For years now, I've been incessantly watching each episode of Ghost Whisperer, I've felt the pain, the sorrows and joys of every character portrayed in the story. I felt the need of living life to the fullest and treasuring the people who bring color to my life.
The tale touches my heart so intensely. All of it's episodes spook me, made me laugh and made me cry excessively. Among the episodes that gave me tears, two of it came from Ghost Whisperer Season 4, the episode titled "Imaginary Friends and Enemies" and "Threshold". These were the episodes that depicted the agony of Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt), it's the time when his husband Jim died accidentally. It really crushed my heart into pieces, the pain depicted seemed so real. Jim was the perfect husband, he loved Melinda unconditionally and understand that the ghost are a part of her life. When Jim died Melinda was down and though he loved her husband so much that it hurts to bid goodbye, she tried to cross him over into the light but because of true love, Jim refused and choose to relive his life again just to be with the woman he love.
Ghost Whisperer, may be for some, a kind of imaginary tale but for me, everything is real, I may not see and talk to the ghost but I do believe that somewhere out there, they exist and live with us. I'm looking forward for the next episodes of this series, and hope to learn more from it.Lastly. For me, the 7ghost may choose to walk into heaven or stay earth bound but whatever they choose, one reason concludes their choice - Love makes them stay!

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