Monday, June 1, 2009

Twilight Saga: New Moon

New Moon - the sequel to the hit movie "Twilight", it is said to air on November 2009. New Moon is about losing one's true love and finding comfort, friendship and love with someone else. Further, New Moon epitomize the darkest phase of Bella Swan's existence.
Many critics may say the Twilight Saga is another fantasy movie about to lose it's dignity however,no matter what, for me, the movie/the book simply narrates the hopes and dreams of a girls wanted to find a man worth loving for, how we badly
aim to be loved unconditionally and eternally!!!

Have fun watching the Official New Moon Trailer...

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Melody said...

i love twilight saga. i have finished reading all 4 books already but i can't seem to get enough. kept reading it over and over :)

i'm thankful they did this on wide screen, at least i can now put faces on the characters that I am reading.

thanks for posting. :)