Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm yours

I've found this video from you tube, and it really struck me...dunno why...but i guess it's because I'm hurting, I'm longing and I'm confused!!

For years now, I've been watching Ghost Whisperer, got so addicted with the series that I totally believed that it's possible that spirits may stay earth bound forever as long as they wish to and as long as they want to be with the one they love. Ghost Whisperer made me believe in true love, the relationship depicted by Mel and Jim is so amazing and true, their love is unconditional and really persisted till life after death.
For me, their love encompasses everything that I've dreamed of, everything that i hoped for, everything that I couldn't have..maybe that's why I've been so emotional and attached with this video and this movie..for it has everything I crave for......pure LOVE!!

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nuts said...

Wow, can relate too, feels good to be young sometimes (for me) and in love.. :)