Monday, March 30, 2009

A Girlfriend's Prayer

A prayer I continuously loved and adored for years now... read it from a collection of poetry found in my college library...since then i truly love this prayer! thanks to the poet who made this...

Heavenly Father, full of grace, bless my boyfriends beautiful face. Bless his eyes that shine so bright, help him lord to see the light. Bless his hands that sometimes roam, let them roam on me alone! Bless the ground on which he walks; bless the words of which he talks. bless the bed on which we lay. bless the love of which we say. Bless his arms that hold so tight, bless him till the morning light. Bless his words i long to hear; bless the water of which he may tear. bless his heart that loves me so… bless him Lord, i may never let go!
Mah P.O.V (Love and Life):

My thoughts:
Being in a relationship is an overwhelming and daunting experience, you love with all your heart, give up everything you could, smile throughout all the pain and fight back just to uphold the relationship yet there are times that no matter how hard you sacrifice, life becomes so unfair when the one you love go astray and leave your heart broken. Other times, some beings are too dumb and selfish to steal your love away, offering you a choice whether to fight or to give up. It doesn’t matter what choice a person makes, whether you act dim-witted, foolish and martyr , everything still ends up depending on our fate, on what kind of life we intend to live with the choices we make, it doesn’t matter if we hurt others or be hurt by others, what makes difference is the kind of happiness and self-fulfillment we get from doing the things that we know we will never regret in the end, at least when we die, we can say that we have live a life to the fullest, not regretting a single day that we haven’t done what we should have… love and life isn’t an easy role to play in this cruel world but at least we experience how to live, love and be loved! mwah...

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